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Official Planting guide for Santiago, Chile

Posted by admin on October 26, 2015
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Are you looking to plant your own little garden in your backyard? It’s a great idea to have the freshest foods.  You can plant almost any time during the year but most planting takes place during the autumn/winter seasons. We have 10 vegetables that we would recommend you start with. They are pretty easy to find in Santiago and easy to grow. 

  • Vegetables – directions for how and when to begin
  • Garlic – Plant garlic cloves directly to earth in autumn
  • leek – Sow seeds directly to the ground or make seedlings to transplant in the fall
  • Spinach – Plant seeds directly, all year long
  • Lettuce – Plant seeds directly, all year long
  • Radishes – Plant seeds directly, all year long
  • Cabbage – Make seedlings and plant fall- winter
  • Lima beans –  Either plant seeds or make seedlings, plant fall- winter
  • Broccoli – Make seedlings and plant fall
  • Chard – Make seedlings and plant fall- winter
  • Winter squash – Make seedlings and plant fall- winter

You can make seedlings in plastic containers, such as yogurt or ice cream. You can also try to make seedlings in egg shells with newspaper.It is also important to be attentive to frost, cultivate close to walls if possible so plants are more protected or you can make ceilings for your beds with mesh.

Check our article on where you can buy seeds and seedlings as well.

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