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Is the internet in Chile good enough to work remotely?

Posted by Ender Mendiluce on marzo 21, 2017
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Many of our clients are travellers who work remotely in programming, consulting or have their own businesses online. One of their main concerns is having adequate internet access.

Some countries in Latinoamerica are known to be a bit behind in this department. I was in Venezuela last year and the internet speed was a spotty 512kbps connection that brought me flashbacks from the AOL and the dial-up era. Fortunately for us in Chile, the internet is better than that!

In Santiago Chile, there’s a wide range of internet services that you can get and it pretty much depends on your location. The main service providers are Movistar and VTR and they both work pretty well for your standard needs. Even power users that use Facetime or Skype to hold conferences all the time shouldn’t worry. ADSL speeds vary all the way from 8mb to 40mb. Most modern buildings already have fiber optics which can give you speeds from 50mbps to a whopping 200mbps.

(Coming from a 1.5mb connection to this is like taking the red pill in The Matrix)


Mobile internet is also in a good position in Chile, all companies have LTE / 4G compatible with the most popular phone models. So you’ll be able to get online almost anywhere with decent speed even if you’re hiking or visiting the beach.

If your work can be done 100% online consider visiting Chile! Rent prices are lower compared to other countries and you can go out and explore this amazing place keeping costs down while working remotely.

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