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Where can I find authentic Korean BBQ (barbecue) in Santiago, Chile?

Posted by vijay on June 4, 2017
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Where can I find Korean BBQ in Chile?

Patronato is a neighboorhood in Santiago that has a huge Korean influence. The neighboorhood was established by Korean refugees seeking asylum during the Korean War, and Chile opened the door to them and has continued ever since to the Korean community. You can find a great number of  Korean eats, stores, and supermarkets with all types of price ranges. There are plenty of Korean restaurants with regular gas grills on Rio de Janeiro and Santa Filomena streets in Patronato.

Here are some of our favorite Korean restaurants throughout Santiago:

1)  Hansoban in Patronato. Authentic with a charcoal grill.  Went there recently and it’s very good! My favorite Korean spot!

Hansoban in Patronato

2) Sukine in Patronato

3) Seoul in Patronato

4) Gaon in Manquehue Sur. They have a charcoal grill.

Gaon in Manquehue Sur

5) The Biwon in the Hotel Standford in Providencia (Metro Los Leones) – authentic Korean and has parking

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