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Where can I find Sourdough bread in Santiago, Chile?

Posted by Ender Mendiluce on October 9, 2018
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Chile has an amazing variety of bread to choose from, and I’m a sucker myself for their Marraqueta. I’m a firm believer that it’s one of the best daily pieces of bread that you can have in all types of situations..Choripanes, am I right?)

And chileans seem to agree too. Last year, In Chile, 86.1 kilograms of bread was consumed by capita. That’s a lot of bread!

But sometimes it might be tough to find the types of bread we’re accustomed to depending on where you come from. For example, one of our readers recently asked where they could find sourdough bread here in Santiago and luckily, we got the “dato” for him.


Sourdough Bread

The place is called “La Popular” Pizza y Pan.

Very close to Plaza La Alcaldesa / Plaza Uruguay. The specific location is “Francisco Bilbao 2793” They have an amazing bread selection including the classic sourdough bread with plenty of variations such as with olives and other infusions. They also sell amazing pizzas and sandwiches as well as great drinks such as ginger beer. Their eggplant sandwiches are famous throughout all Santiago.

Check out their Instagram and be blown away by their dishes.

Know of any hidden gems in Santiago? Let us know at and we might feature them in the future!

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