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10 things that you should consider before buying your dream home

Posted by Leanne Dudley on October 8, 2019
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While sometimes emotion overpowers the important aspects when deciding on purchasing a house, here are some factors to consider before buying a property.

Take your needs into account

Choose the property that goes according to what you need. This includes having the size and number of essential rooms and, if possible, is close to your workplace.

Choose your seller

Once you have decided the location and budget, it’s time to start searching specifically. There are various options:

  1. Individuals through internet portals (negotiation will be more agile and accurate).
  2.  Real estate agencies – with a real estate agency, an advisor will be sure to accompany you in the purchasing process.
  3. Property developers  – it is possible to purchase a new home but most of the time the purchase of a flat is required; with that, the completion of the house may be uncertain.
  4. Banks

It takes time to find the house or apartment of your dreams

Due to this, an excellent option are real estate fairs. Multiple offers are gathered in a single space with the ease of having different housing and loan options that are best suited to your needs. 


Make sure to check the total cost for monthly maintenance if you decide to buy a condo apartment so you’re not surprised when it comes to the time of payment. 

Decide the type of home in which you want to live in

Question yourself and the people you want to invest with if they want to purchase a newly built home, a second-hand or a sheltered home. 

The initial quota

Note that at the time of formalizing the purchase of a house, the buyer must have the money available from the initial fee.

The location

In property investment, look for the most convenient location according to your needs. Take into account some services you may need such as health, shops, security, recreation, transportation and supermarket. Be cautious of the areas with risk; make sure the property is not below high voltage lines, at risk of flooding or near ravines or fuel tanks.

Make visits

Inspect the area in which you are thinking of living in. Take someone close to you to give their opinion and help you make notes. A fundamental piece are neighbours; to know a neighbourhood, they will be the best advisors.

Service payments

Make sure they are up to date with electricity, water and gas bills. 

Make an offer

Negotiate once you have decided on housing. This depends on each autonomous community, but buyers typically ask for a rebate ranging from 10% to 30%. This does not mean that the seller agrees, but you can try. 


This article is translated from ‘10 cosas que debes tomar en cuenta antes de comprar la casa de tus sueños

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