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7 Tips to check the condition of your new home

Posted by Leanne Dudley on October 9, 2019
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The move-in date to your home is fast approaching and with it questions arise regarding the construction process. The anxiety is high and the desire for your new home creates a lot of restlessness. However, before that, you must check the condition of your new home.

There is usually a key moment pre moving-in where you must point out all the elements that you are not satisfied with so the real estate agent or builder can carry out the repairs and, hence, for you to find your home habitable at the time of signing your deed.

Here we have seven tips to help you prepare for your move in date and, consequently, not suffer from problems once you inhabit your property.

The first thing is to check all the doors of the house

Pay special attention to the front door. All doors must close well; they must be square with the frames and locks should not be loose. Also, you should test the operation of all the keys of the house.
The door paint often comes with little paint or with poorly finished sectors. It is always good to look at them with a flashlight to make the review faster and more effective.

Check the water system

Taps must be firm and must work well. Water must drain with sufficient flow rate and must be able not to lose pressure when more than one device is opened. A lot of sediment may be in the flow of water at first. The water may come out a strange colour as the pipes may be new and virtually unused; it should turn back to its original colour within no longer than 10 seconds.

Inspect the windows

Check that the windows are not scratched, they must close tightly and should not be too much effort to cover them. This element is key as it corresponds to one of the most expensive elements of housing. If you don’t want the glass to prematurely break or have problems with soundproofing your home, then it is crucial to look at them.

Consider the flooring

Ceramic tiles should be well set, well levelled with no draft. It is recommended to walk around in shoes with heels, you could even wear shoes with spikes/studs that are used to play football (soccer) and rugby. Use a table tennis ball  (if you are uncomfortable wearing shoes) and make an incision in the ball to put in between the ceramic. Check that the tiles are not chipped or scratched where they join if you have a suspended floor.

Inspect carpets for stains or discolouring 

On the dust covers, make sure they are not far apart from each other or that their ‘joints’ do not overlap. It is also important to look at the condition of the paint.

Inspect the walls

Most of the home, apart from the kitchen and bathroom which uses paint, has wallpaper. Check the wallpaper for patches, make sure that they are clean and have no stains. This is also recommended for paint; there must be several coats of paint that are not streaky and inconsistent.

Consider the furniture

Showers and/or bathtubs should not be scratched or broken. Pay attention to the assembling of the furniture, especially door handles as they may have problems such as being loose.

Check the terrace, if you have one

Make sure there is a downward slope towards the exterior. This is to ensure that there will be no leaking if it rains.

Specialised companies can advise you and perform everything we have mentioned above if you do not know how to perform these measurements.

Translated from ‘7 Tips para la Pre-Entrega de tu Departamento o Casa


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