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Why do you need a real estate adviser?

Posted by Leanne Dudley on October 11, 2019
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An adviser, also called a consultant or agent, is that expert and/or professional person of very good knowledge. They are able to contribute ideas, plan strategies, structure and organize terms and conditions in the specific activity. 

The adviser will try to ensure that the needs, capacities and resources on a specific activity are enforced. They can assess the practices used at the time in order to raise new objectives, goals and future expectations. 

Through techniques, they will establish a commitment, and design organizational plans to comply with the different planning phases established.

A consultant or real estate agent dedicates their time to provide advice, transaction and guidance for multiple real estate procedures; they aim to help in the best possible way in quality, safety and legality of a real estate project. Their working day tends to be extensive, since they know different sources in the real estate business. 

Here are the times when a real estate consultant is needed:

– Acquiring a property
– Offering a lease, and hold on to legality.
– Selling ​​a property
– Knowing the valuation of a property
– Having advice for different types of contract


Acquiring a property

When you plan to acquire a property, the advice of a real estate consultant is necessary. The assistance of this professional can provide a guide on prices, nearby amenities close to the property, the security situation in the area and other relevant considerations. They can also evaluate such things as profitability and seniority with relation to other properties in the area.

Offering a lease

The offer of a lease is another aspect in which a real estate agent provides important services. Often people choose to assign a property as a rental site as it can generate a flow; landlords need to be aware of the types of contract, prices and profitability landlords could have.
On the other hand, the cost, location, space (metres squared), availability of transport and proximity to major sources of work can affect the offer that could be made. The agent can aid in price setting, advertising, the appearance of the property to make it eye catching.


Translated from ‘¿Por qué se necesita de un asesor inmobiliario?

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