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Activities to do for free in Medellín

Posted by Leanne Dudley on October 14, 2019
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The free activities in Medellín are part of the culture of the city. With a wide cultural and sports agenda, the city offers events and programs for people, free of charge, encouraging, motivating and giving everyone an opportunity.

FREE Cyclovia and Cicluruta in Medellín


In the city of Medellín, they are very sporty and love to practice outdoor sports. There are different ‘ciclovias’ around the city. The most accessible is every Sunday and public holidays along Avenida Poblado; night time ‘ciclovias’ occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Avenida Regional. In addition, in the city of Medellín, there is a route which is only for bicycles. An activity called ‘EN CICLA’ happens in the city where you can borrow a bike for free in any of the 20 stations.  This loan requires prior registration on the website of this activity.

There are a variety of bike lanes in the city of Medellin, such as the river bike path, the Stadium bike path, the Oriental bike path, the Poblado bike path, Ciclovia MAM, Ciclovia del Rio.
Website with the tours. 

Free Sport Activities in Medellín


Free sports activities in Medellin are also available for those who have an active lifestyle. The city has spaces filled with gym equipment to use for free. In some, you need prior registration on the website; gyms located outdoors can be visited without prior appointment.
Now, let’s talk about where we can find everything from machines to specialized sports instructors.

Free Gyms


The city believes that the gym reaches out to more people. If gyms are your thing, you will find options in the Health Promotion Centers free of charge .
There are 7 promotional centers, with gym equipment, where you will find sports professionals (personal trainers); they will aid you in sporting techniques so injuries don’t occur. They are located in different parts of the city of Medellin – Santa Lucia, UVA El Paraíso San Antonio de Prado, UVA Sol de Oriente, Sports Unit of Castilla, Campo Valdés, La Cruz and the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit.

Outdoor sports

In addition, there are options for outdoor workouts in the middle of the countryside. These spaces are equipped with machines for sports; there are many of these types of spaces. Also, if you like to take care of the planet, you will find bikes in one of these gyms, where you can generate energy while pedaling. If you are a tourist in Medellin, go for it(!) and come play sports with the locals.

Gimnasio Urbano
Cra. 58 #71-57
Open 24 hours

Gimnasio Urbano
Cl. 100 #70
Open 24 hours

Gimnasio al aire libre, Unidad deportiva de Belen                                          
6CM7+R2 Medellín.

Gimnasio Urbano INDER unidad Deportiva Atanasio Girardot
#48- a, Cra. 72 #48146
Open 24 hours

Gimnasio al aire
Cl. 56 a #25 bb-79 a 25 bb-117 

Free Cinema in Medellín


You can enjoy films in an outdoor cinema. In the Park of Desires you can enjoy the cinema;  national and international film screenings are made, with free admission for the entire audience. This happens every weekend after 7 pm.

Chamber of Commerce


This offers the cinema experience for free; Medellín’s mission is to promote and highlight the seventh art (the film industry) and therefore the city provide this activity for free in. The movies almost always start at 6:30 pm. For more information visit their website.

Free Theatre in Medellín


If you are a lover of the performing arts, or you simply want to do a free activity in the city of Medellín that involves art, you have options to see plays; the ‘Pequeño Teatro’ of Medellin puts on shows with free admission. The entrance tickets are available on the website, with authorized sellers.


Translated from ‘Actividades para hacer gratis en Medellín

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