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The Flower Fair in Medellín

Posted by Leanne Dudley on October 15, 2019
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The Flower Fair, ‘La Feria de las Flores’, is an event in the city of Medellín, which is held at the beginning of August every year. It is held to celebrate part of the ‘Paisa’ identity and culture. It is a special date to get to know the city of Medellín, its people, culture and traditions.

This fair attracts more than 15 thousand tourists a year to the city of Medellín. The Flower Fair has numerous events; some events are charged, but most are free. They are held throughout the metropolitan area of ​​Medellín, including its districts.

These are some of the most significant events of the flower fair in Medellín.

Concerts with national and international artists
Exhibitions of flowers such as the Orquidáceas abundant in Colombia
Animals like horses, cattle
Events of typical paisa humour

The number of different events are so large during ‘La Feria de las Flores’ that, in all sectors of the city, between 10 to 15 events are held per day.

The ‘Silleteros’ Parade

Santa Elena and San Cristóbal are very popular districts to visit during this time of the year. This is because the flowers that are used for the ‘Silleteros’ Parade are grown there. 

This parade is famous worldwide for its beauty, creativity and display of flowers on the ‘silletas’ (seats). There are many different styles and sizes of the ‘silletas’ which are created by the same families who grow these flowers; their tradition of making the ‘silletas’ have been around for years. The new generations continue with this lifestyle so as not to lose this tradition.

A week before the parade you can visit the homes of these families and watch the creation of the ‘silletas’. It is some of them who carry the ‘silletas’ during the parade in the city of Medellín.


In addition, the flower fair brings with it a wide variety of food both typical and international flavours.
Different tastes are offered, especially the typical foods of the Paisa region such as the paisa tray, pork rinds, traditional sweets and drinks (mainly brandy).
New flavours are also presented at the Flower Fair where new entrepreneurs show their new gastronomic creations.
If you are at the Flower Fair, tasting the vast variety of the paisa cuisine is highly recommended. 

Sound on Wheels

Another anticipated event by all young people at the Flower Fair is ‘Sound on Wheels’. This is a display of cars that have been modified for competitions and exhibitions; they include sound consoles that are amazing.

Furthermore , there is the famous contest with the ‘Car Audio Girls’. This event begins in the afternoon where the cars are exhibited; it ends with a fashion show. The stage is also used for a concert with national and international artists, who end the event with a great performance.

Exhibition of orchids, flowers and crafts

This event is considered as one of the most beautiful different types of Orchids, flowers and crafts are on display.
Colombia is the country with the highest number of orchid species in the world!
There are more than 4,000 species registered in the Colombian territory. This great variety of the Orchid flower family has many shapes, colours and smells that are special. It attracts thousands of national and foreign tourists who come to see the exhibition that takes place during the Flower Fair.


The programme for the Flower Fair can be found in the streets at the tourist information points, which are in the city where they give it away. There are people who will sell it on the street, but they are also available on the official website of the event .


Translated from ‘La Feria de Flores

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