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Fairs and Events in Medellín

Posted by Leanne Dudley on October 18, 2019
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There are a variety of fairs and events in Medellín; these include festivals, conferences, fairs, concerts, exhibitions and others.The cultural agenda of the city is so complete that you will find an event that you can attend in the city everyday. Undoubtedly, there are some events that are more known than others such as the Flower Fair and the Santa Fe de Antioquia Film Festival. 

Colombia Moda (Colombia Fashion)

This fair brings the best of fashion in Medellín together. This includes national and international designers, exhibitors, models and entrepreneurs meet at this fair; 7,000 people each year travel to Medellín. In addition, they hold conferences on fashion, current affairs and other topics for the textile sector. At the Colombia Fashion fair, business about the textile and fashion world is carried out with different countries and nations. 


Altavoz Fest (Speaker Fest)

This festival includes the musicians of the city Medellín. The organisers make a public call so that different bands and groups perform at the concert at the festival. International artists are also invited and, best of all, it is a free entry for the public.
Many of the local bands take this opportunity to show their music there.

This concerts attracts many young people from the city who like different genres of music.
On the event’s
website you can see the line-up of the artists who will perform and the schedule of the event.

Translated from ‘ferias y eventos en Medellín

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