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5 Tips To Sell Your House or Apartment Quickly

Posted by Leanne Dudley on October 22, 2019
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Selling a property requires a defined strategy to obtain the price you are looking for; it must look flawless to be able to sell it quickly. If you are thinking of selling your apartment, consider the following advice from real estate experts.


Lease your apartment while you prepare:

Since the sale of your property could take between 16 and 30 months in the Chilean real estate market, something must be done about it. An initial tip is that before offering your property, you take 14 to 26 weeks to prepare it. If you do not have professional help, this period allows you to define your strategy well, make the necessary arrangements and have the documentation ready. 


Make the necessary repairs:

If you want your property to stand out, remember to depersonalize your home. Once you have removed your collections or family memories, you must dedicate yourself to arranging the space well. Generally tenants want to move in as soon as possible, which means you will have to repair and reform everything that is damaged.


Focus on making a good impression:

Try to make sure that the main rooms have neutral tones to reflect the warmth that homebuyers want to experience.


Try to set a price according to your expectations: 

When you do things on your own, you should be aware of many factors that affect the sale of real estate. To obtain an ideal price, you must investigate your area, know the qualities of your property and estimate the present and future expenses. 


Go to professionals in case of doubt:

If you need help or need to expedite the process of buying and selling, the real estate consultant is an excellent option. When your personal life does not allow it and your budget does, it is an alternative that facilitates the process. 


Translated from ‘5 tips para vender tu casa o departamento rápidamente

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