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Take Advantage of Your Apartment

Posted by Leanne Dudley on December 10, 2019
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Currently, an apartment is one of the most valued goods in both Chile and Latin America. It is a huge preference among young people and investors.
Moreover, young couples and students tend to prefer a well located, but small, apartment. 

One is lucky to have an apartment as millions of people in Latin America are in search of one.
It is important to measure and evaluate your apartment space.

An average apartment doesn’t have a lot of space (m2), so you should focus on what space you do have to organise and take advantage of.

For a 30-40m2 apartment, details such as a study can be added. It’s about efficiently adjusting everything into place.
It is important to highlight that the best evaluation of space, location and other details about your apartment is by an expert in the field; a real estate consultant can advise you in the best possible way regarding alterations.

Acquisition of Multipurpose Furniture:

This is an important point for any small apartment where space is needed. It will be vital to buy furniture, such as a sofa bed, that is easy to assemble. This way, you can avoid creating a guest room or acquire an additional bed. Many people even instal a foldable bed attached to the wall when they need to solely for spatial purposes.  

Think Vertical When We Save:

Years ago, civil engineers and architects were able to notice excess amounts of people in the cities. It is then that they decided to start constructing ‘vertically’. This is easy to notice when comparing a city with the countryside.
When we build upwards, we create a more spacious environment free from unnecessary things and the delimitation of m2. 

Organise and Buy the Necessary:

The organisation in any home is essential for hygiene, care and aesthetics of the apartment.
In this case, the organisation will help simulate ample spaces in small spaces; it is not about having an exact place for everything, but knowing how to find things easily.
On the other hand, organisation will help you appreciate what you both own and don’t own. Many times we go out and buy things that we already have at home, creating duplications that occupy unnecessary space. Minimalism is the ‘fashion’ – less is more.

Use Natural Light as a Symbol of Space:

An apartment or house is perceived to be bigger with natural light; have natural light whenever and wherever possible. It can enter through curtains, windows, blinds or any space that allows it to.

Use of Wall Paint:

The illusion that different coloured wall-paint creates varies drastically. This is mainly because we are always in contact with those colours and therefore have our emotions reflect those colours. The trick is to have light, block colours which create the sensation and perception of a big space. 


Translated from ‘Aprovecha el espacio de tu departamento’

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