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How To Choose The Best Location When Buying ...

Dic 11, 2019
If you are in the process of buying a property, remember that the location you choose to live or install commercial [more]
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Take Advantage of Your Apartment

Dic 10, 2019
Currently, an apartment is one of the most valued goods in both Chile and Latin America. It is a huge preference am [more]
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Which Insurances Are/Are Not Mandatory

Dic 09, 2019
The compulsory insurances that a mortgaged home must have are the Fire and Tax Insurance.  In other words:   [more]
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Data For Homeowners: Two Ways To Lower Taxes

Dic 05, 2019
With the data, payments such as contributions, common expenses, maintenance and broker fees can be recorded. If you [more]
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Co-living: New Real Estate Trend For Shared ...

Dic 04, 2019
In recent years, the market has evolved a lot. New technology has been applied in a more efficient and sustainable [more]
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Learn How The Rate Of Real Estate Is Calcula...

Dic 03, 2019
Those who own properties generally want to know the commercial value of them. This is in terms of rent, sale or pur [more]
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Are Apartments The Best Option?

Dic 02, 2019
Properties in high-rise buildings are highly demanded as they require less maintenance and are easier to manage.  [more]
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Banks Have Increased Rates and Requirements ...

Nov 29, 2019
Mortgage loans have risen sharply in the last month. This has put an end to the financial and reparation boom that [more]
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