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Interest Rates on Mortgages Resume A Downwar...

Nov 14, 2019
Interest rates on mortgages averaged 1.96% from 24th to 31st of October. Those with consumer, commercial and trade [more]
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Women In The Real Estate Business

Nov 12, 2019
In the world of investing in real estate where the protagonist is a woman, there are still aspects that people are [more]
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What Is The Difference Between Tax Assessmen...

Nov 11, 2019
You have probably heard of the terms ‘Tax Assessment’ and ‘Commercial Appraisal’ before. Ho [more]
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Frequently Asked Questions Before Leasing

Nov 08, 2019
If for any reason you have no choice but to rent a house or apartment, you must first inform yourself about how to [more]
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You Won’t Believe The Price of These T...

Nov 07, 2019
We all know how fabulous the homes of celebrities usually are: private courts, spectacular pools, unparalleled land [more]
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Value Of Land In The Metropolitan Region Gro...

Nov 06, 2019
A CEP study investigated the causes of housing costs. According to the data, the increase of the land on multiple p [more]
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How To Distribute a Small Home Office

Nov 05, 2019
One of the most common spaces in most houses, especially if those who inhabit it are millennials, is the office. Th [more]
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A Millennial’s Apartment: Integrated S...

Nov 04, 2019
Today there are many opinions regarding the so-called millennial generation and their lifestyle. Many of them are v [more]
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