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Comprehensive financial advice for investing in LATAM and Central America

Extensive Market Knowledge from Years of Experience

Our goal at Andes is provide our investor the best opportunities to invest in real estate market in LATAM market with strong presence and operational knowledge of fast growing cities such as Medellin and Cali in Colombia, Santiago in Chile, and Mexico City in Mexico.
The keys to success in LATAM is regional market knowledge and experience in those markets. We seek investment only in stable regions with low crime, high occupancy, and good appreciation potential.
Our extensive knowledge of the LATAM real estate and financial market allows us to select properties that fit our investors needs. Ivy League trained real estate managers that has lived in LATAM for more than 5 years.

Low initial investment

Low capital requirements and high returns on exit. Buy a luxury condo in the best neighborhoods for as little as $125,000 USD. Strong USD combined with Andes’ market knowledge enables access to undervalued real assets with good income yields.

Unmet Demand for Housing

Currently, there is a unmet in housing units across most of LATAM. A growing middle class and a lack of the debt market in the LATAM have exacerbated this problem creating a huge opportunity.

Full service Property Manager and Investment Adviser

Since 2008, we helped dozens of our clients to invest in LATAM and diversify their portfolio through investment in commercial and residential real estate in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.  We have helped hundred of property owners in LATAM increase their returns and currently manage hundreds of properties.

Andes Property was created to help foreigners find the best services and apartments with international standards and that know how extends to our investors helping invest in high yield income properties.

Real Estate Investment Advisory

Comprehensive Investment Advice

Access to Properties with Below Market Prices

High Yield Income Projects and Profitability Above the Market Rates

Network of Builders and Contractor

Knowledge of Appreciating Neighborhoods in the Path of Growth

Connections to bank credit in US / LATAM