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Office Guide for Nueva Providencia 2353

For frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Phone Numbers, Internet, Mail, A/C Heater, Electricity, Supplies, Storage, Key Cards, Repairs, Earthquakes, Cleaning, Terraces, Guests / Events, Move-out, Parking

Getting Started

  • Communication – Please send your cell phone number and name to cuentas@andesproperty.com to be added to the floors WhatsApp group.
  • Conference Room – Please email cuentas@andesproperty.com with a list of your teams emails to grant them access to the conference room group calendar.
  • Door signage – Companies can place logo signage on their office doors. We recommend designer Patricio Velazques to create signage: pato.velasquez@gmail.com.
  • Doorbell – companies can place a doorbell in the 17th floor elevator hallway for clients to ring to get let into the office floor.
  • Entry Key cards – Please email Lucia Tellez (tellezl@vtr.net)  with the authorized person from your company that can request access cards and cc: cuentas@andesproeprty.com.
  • Main door to access the floor – We will provide you with a key to the main door to access the floor from the elevator hallway. For the safety of the entire office, we ask you to advise all your staff to keep the office entrance door closed at all time. We take security very seriously and hope you can help us to ensure safety.
  • Balcony doors – please keep balcony doors closed at all time. The fine for leaving a door open is 25.000 CLP. The cost for replacing a balcony door is 1.200.000 CLP. This fee will be shared by all offices if the door needs to be replaced. Please advise your staff.
  • Building hours – The building is open 24/7. The front gate closes at 7:30pm so use the small door on the left to enter.
  • Bikes – please store bicycles on the balcony. Bikes are not allowed inside the offices.
  • Gastos compartidos (only for new office tenants) – common expenses for the floor are shared between all the offices on the floor. The charge is split by the square meters of your office. This charge includes building gastos comunes, air conditioner maintenance, common repairs, utilities, etc. split up by your offices square meter size.
    • Weekly cleaning of common spaces
    • Utilities: Electricity, Water, Internet, Building Gastos Comunes
    • Repairs in hallways and common spaces (repairs in your office are your responsibility)
    • Maintenance of A/C and heater to keep them in working order
    • Services included in gastos compartidos
  • Any installations or damages within your office are your responsibility. Please get permission from cuentas@andesproperty.com before making any major changes with your office or puncturing holes in walls.

Phone numbers


Emergency Numbers:

Ambulancias (SAMU): 131

Bomberos: 132

Carabineros: 133

Policía de Investigaciones (PDI): 134



Locksmith 1 – CERRAJERIA PROVIDENCIA 24 HORAS – Providencia · 09 5090 1955

Locksmith 2 – Duval +56 9 9395 9338

Plumber – Eduardo Ramos – 9 51596630

Electrician – Eduardo Ramos – 9 51596630

Concierge 2 2316503

Handyman (Maestro) – Fergal Morrin – +56 9 8158 6705



Cleaner – Laura Riquelme – 9 88774995

Movistar (Internet and PHone) – 600 600 3000

Enel (ex Chilectra – Electricity) – 600 696 0000 o al 22 696 0000 desde celulares  

Aguas Andinas (Water)  – 227312482


  • Wifi is provided for the office and co-working spaces.
  • The office wifi are:
    • Piso 17
      • Right of the Entrance: Magma Sur / magma.2353
      • Left of the Entrance: Magma Norte / magmanorte.2353
    • Piso 18
      • Andes Property / andesproperty651
      • Piso 18 5g / providencia2353
  • If the signal is not sufficiently strong, you can run a ethernet cable directly to your office and use a personal wifi router in your office. We recommend this model Router.Dual-Band.AC750.Archer.C20 for a 3 person team and model Apple Airport Extreme or Router.Dual-Band.Gigabit.AC1750.ArcherC7 for 4 or more people.
  • For any other internet problems, please directly call Movistar at 600 600 3000.
    • The account numbers for piso 18 are 225001783
    • The account numbers  for piso 17 are 224000116

Phone lines

  • You can contract phone lines directly from Movistar. Please directly call Movistar at 600 600 3000.

Mail / Correos

Mail should be address with your full company name and recipient name as well as the floor e.g. Piso 17. For example:

Andes Property
a/c John Smith
Nueva Providencia 2353
Piso 17
7510058 Providencia, RM, Chile

To send mail, there are various mail carriers locations close to the office:
Correos de Chile – AV. NUEVA PROVIDENCIA 2092
Correos de Chile – LUIS THAYER OJEDA 0146
Chile Express – AVENIDA PROVIDENCIA 2309

A/C and Heater

  • Cortinas – we recommend you install black-out curtains to help with the summer heat. Mauricio Carrasco at mauriciodecor@hotmail.com offers service to purchase and install curtains for your office.
  • If you have problems with your A/C or Heater, please ask the concierge. Note that the water or electricity may be cut resulting in the A/C or Heater to not function.
  • For problems with noise from A/C or Heater, the building performs A/C maintenance every 3-4 months. Please report the issues to support@andesproperty.com and we will fix the problems shortly.


  • 220v outlets are used in Chile, please make  a sure to only used  approved devices
  • For emergencies, call the electrician – Eduardo Ramos – 9 51596630
  • Otherwise, please email support@andespropety.com


  • Please provide your own office supplies. We do not provide staplers, scissors, markers, tape, etc. Please do not ask.
  • For common areas such as kitchen and bathrooms, we provide basic supplies such as soap, tissue papers, etc. We also provide cleaning supplies for the cleaning staff. If there is anything missing, please email us at support@andesproperty.com and we’ll get it replaced within 48-72 hours usually.


  • We do not have any extra storage space at this time. Please ask on the whatsapp group to see if other offices might share their storage space with your.

Key Cards

  • You can send an e-mail to Lucia Tellez (tellezl@vtr.net) for the new access cards, just have to send her the info of the people that will be working with you (full name and ID number – either RUT or passport number). Please remember it’s one card per person and the card is tied to that person. Lost cards cost 5.000 per card to replace.


  • For emergencies, call the electrician / plumber at Eduardo Ramos – 9 51596630 or handyman Fergal Morrin – +56 9 8158 6705
  • Otherwise, please email support@andesproperty.com


  • In case of an earthquake stay calm and stay where you are. The building in Chile are equipped with anti-seismic installation and are able to withstand shocks. Once the shaking stops, take the stairs down to a safe area outside the building.


  • You and your team are responsible for keeping common spaces clean and tidy. Please try to help to maintain a good work environment for everyone.
  • Excess trash should not be left in hallways. Please place the trash in the trash shoot in the elevator hallway (entrance to the trash shoot is across from the elevators and behind a green door). Do not put glass bottles down the trash shoot. Please keep them separately in a bag at the base of the shoot.
  • If you have any questions about cleaning, please communicate with our cleaner Laurita directly Laura Riquelme – 9 88774995. She comes on Monday, Wednesday  and Friday at 7 am for piso 17 and Monday and Wednesday at 9 am for piso 18. You can leave her a note with instructions.


  • Use of the terraces – Terraces are not intended for regular use, frequent breaks, or holding events. Terraces should only be used occasionally.
  • These items are absolutely restricted from the terrace: umbrellas, tarps, barbecue grills, propane tanks, trash, and cigarette butts.
  • Please never throw items off the terraces as this could result the entire floors terrace privileges being revoked.

Guests / Events

  • Guests – please asks your guests to sign in with the building concierge. They will be allowed entry for the day.
  • Events are allowed with advanced planning. Please advise us ahead of time if you are organizing an event in the common areas via the whatsapp group. Please check with the concierge for the maximum number of people allowed in the floor at one time.
  • If you have an event, you are responsible for clean up. Failure to clean up after an event will result in a 25.000 cleaning fee added to your rent. Please be considerate for the people coming to work the next day and don’t leave tons of trash and dishes after your event.


  • Renters must inform at least 60 days before moving out from the office. Failure to do so could lead to the forfeiture of your security deposit.


  • Parking spaces in the building are available for rent at around 100.000 CLP per month. The building does not have visitor parking. If you need a visitor parking space even for a very short time, there is not one available for the building. In case of an emergency, please ask directly with the parking concierge outside in the back of the building at the entrance to the garage.


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