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Reserving and Paying for Chilean Apartments

Reservations and Payments

We ask for a 1 month security deposit to reserve an apartment. Cancellations incur a 50% penalty on this deposit to cover any vacancy for the reservation as well as administration fees.

Andes Property charges a commission of 50% of the first month’s rent when collecting the first rent payment.

Accepted Forms of Payment:

  • Chilean bank transfer (preferred)
  • Cash in Chilean Pesos or US dollars

To book an apartment, a 1 month security deposit is required in advance to guarantee your apartment rental. International Payments (see below) are also accepted with a surcharge.

Getting cash to Chile

There are three methods we recommend to get cash to Chile to pay for your rent and deposit.

1) ATM card. ATM fees can be avoided if you use a bank that has a partnership with the local bank in Chile. For example, citi bank debt card users can use Banco de Chile ATMs without fees or Charles Schwab debit card users can use most international ATMs and fees are refunded.

2) Afex – Visit an Afex location and provide your passport, foreign bank details, and reason for transfer and they can transfer you the money in cash. The charge is $35 per transaction so it’s a good idea to transfer a big amount at once. Afex is the handler for Moneygram in Chile and also works as a pickup location for which has an even cheaper fee. Usually transfers take 1-3 days to arrive.

There are Afex locations very close to metro U. de Chile and metro Bellas Artes making it easy to visit. For questions, you can try this contact: German Rojas Pinto, Jefe de Sucursal Afex, Matias Cousiño, 56-26369070, . Best part is that once they have your customer details on file, they can make transfers with just an e-mail.

3) Inter Service – Visit a Inter Service location and receive money from foreign accounts. Inter Service also works as a pickup locations for which has an even cheaper fee. With Xoom, you can send money from your bank account, credit card, or debt card. You receive money directly in your bank account or at any AFEX location, Inter Service or ABCDIN store.

International payments

International Payments accepted for first rent and security deposit payment by

  • US Bank Transfer – (Bank of America/Chase/Citibank Mobile Money Transfer) – 6%
  • International Wire Transfer (3-5 days) – 6%
  • Paypal (immediate) – 6%

We charge a surcharge of 6% for accepting international payments (sorry but paypal and banks charge this fee to us). We will send you an invoice that includes the amount in Chilean Pesos and US Dollars which include the surcharge. After the first payment, we recommend paying in cash with Chilean Pesos to avoid the surcharge. Though for convenience, some companies do choose to continue to make payments via US bank transfer.

You can read more about bringing money to Chile without having a Chilean bank account here in our blog post.

For more details on how to send your first payment, e-mail

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